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Pura Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu has been built in westernmost in the Bukit peninsula in Bali. Pura Uluwatu is one in six representative temples in Bali. Pura Luhur Uluwatu is built beside Pura Dalem Julit, the generic name of two temple is Pura Uliwatu.
High priest Mpu Kuturan in java built Pura Luhur Uluwatu with the coral in about the 9 or 10 century. It built as a sacred ground of animism that worshiped the soul of the sea. It is an old venerable temple eminent Bali. Afterwards, high priest Danhyang Nirartha comes to this ground in the 16th century, and Padmasanato to which San Hyang Widi was enshrined was extended. San Hyang Widi is the highest god in Bali, and it is said the omniscience Almighty god. Pura Dalem Julit enshrines Brahma and Vishnu of three representative gods of Balinese Hinduism, and high priest Danhyang Nirartha.
There are two etymologies of Uluwatu. The first, Ulu translates "On" and Watu translates "Stone", therefore, it is a meaning "Temple on the stone". Another one, it is said that Hulu and Uluwati have been matched. Hulu translates "Center" and Uluwati translates "God's heart", therefore, it is a meaning of "Heart of Balinese Hinduism". It is an important temple by saying, "Other temples are not built if there is no Pura Uluwatu". It is worshiped from the Balinese Hindu in Bali as a very sacred temple.
The building is built with a coral lime. There is a crack gate in the entrance. There are stone engravings that a god who had elephant's face, Satan's face, and phoenix etc. in temple, it is wonderful.

Pura Uluwatu - Bali Sightseeing Spot

The tourist cannot enter the temple. However, the panorama of the temple can be seen from the esplanade along the cliff. The horizon in the Indian Ocean can be overlooked far, and rough seas that powerfully surge to the cliff of about 230 feet in height can be overlooked. Kecak presented according to the sunset is very fantastic. Kecak is dance play. Men of the upper-body nakedness make the circle, and they sing as "Kecak Kecak Kecak …", and they carve the rhythm of the play. The dance play of "Ramayama" that is the myth is done in that.

The monkey is here. Monkeys here are considerable bad guys. The monkey tries deprive of anything. They put his hand even in the bag without the lid. Sunglasses, earrings, and Pierce are jeopardized. If something is deprived by the monkey, a local person gets it back. However, they demand the chip of high priced. They might be companions. Please take care enough.
As for seeing Kecak, the front rank in front of the stage is the best. Please secure it ahead of time.

Access; From the airport for 45 minute by car
Open time; 9:00-19:00 (For sunset; 18:00-18:30)
Admission fee; Rp3,000

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