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Pura Kehen

Pura Kehen is in the north end of Bangli village in foot in Batur Mountain (Gunug Batur). To watch the town of Bangli from the hill is built. This magnificent temple that was the kingdom temple of Bangli kingdom was built in the 11th century. This temple enshrines three gods (Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu) of Hinduism.
First of all, eyes are deprived by a splendid stone engraving of the stairs when arriving at the temple. Go up to this temple built by using the inclination of the mountain in the long flight of stairs until going to the gate.
There is three steps (outside boundary, inside boundary, and interior boundary) having finished going up the stairs ahead. Moreover, sacred tree Banyan that soars greatly in the temple attracts attention. The age of the tree is over 700 years old, it is very big tree.

Pura Kehen - Bali Sightseeing Spot

The relief of the stone given to all buildings in the temple exactly has power. Tens of decoration plates of Chinese pottery are buried in the wall. At that time, the trade with China and the prosperity at the dynasty are guessed from this.
However, Chinese earthenware at that time has been almost stolen.
Therefore, the one seen now is the one that was restored afterwards. There are a lot of viewpoints such as tower that digs by three gods of Hinduism, and 11 layer Mel etc. in this temple. Moreover, because this temple is composed of three steps, and built respectively in separate age, you can enjoy difference. It can enjoy each one of the stone sculpture.
Banyan tree grows thick in the temple, and quiet air drifts. The tourist is few and it may be good that you meditate in this peaceful, quiet temple.

Access; From the airport for 1 hour 30 minute by car
Open time; 9:00-17:00
Admission fee; Rp. 3,000
Breechcloth and the string (Srendan) for the visit to a shrine are necessary

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