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Pura Gunung Lebah

Pura Gunung Lebah is in 1.5km from Ubud market to the west. It is in the joined valley in Cerik river and Wos river while it faces Tjampihan. Gnung Lebah mean "Small hill" in an Indonesian language.
This temple is very quietly.
Pura Gunung Lebah is a temple that became Ubud birthplace with the history.
Pura Gunung Lebah built by high priest Rsi Markendya in java in 8th century. High priest Rsi Markendya in java took a lot of believers and toward Gunung Agung, and Tjampihan passed on the way of that. He was fascinated with a beautiful valley where two rivers were joined, and he meditated at this ground.
At that time, they built Pura Gunung Lebah. After it built, the high priest aimed at Gunung Agung again and left.
Several believers decided to be fascinated with a beautiful valley, and to remain here as it is. And, the forest was developed so that they might make the village.
Then, the forest was a treasure house of the medical herb. And, they named this ground "Ubad". Ubad mean "Medicine" in the Bali language. It is said the name of a place named present Ubud is changing Ubad. Therefore, this temple is worshiped from villagers as Ubud birthplace. Tjampihan of Ubud is famous as a spiritual place for a long time, and it has been continued that it is loved by a lot of artists.

Pura Gunung Lebah - Bali Sightseeing Spot

The entrance is not at all understood easily. There are a big linden and a bamboo forest when walking perseveringly toward the valley. And, there is Tjampihan river sideward of that.
In that green, Pura Gunung Lebah with a very gorgeous decoration of red and gold appears.
All like trees and moss, etc. are green. You can see green of being able to think, "Are there such a lot of greens in the world?" You will be enclosed by deep green, and be wrapped in a gentle voice of birds, insects, and brooklet. It is a mysterious space that the worldly desires can be denied, and it becomes happy feelings.
The stroll in the morning recommends it.

Access; From the airport for 1 hour 30 minute by car
Open time; 24 hours
Admission fee; Free
Breechcloth for the visit to a shrine is necessary

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