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Pura Bukit Sari

Pura Bukit Sari is at the center of Sangeh. Sangeh is in 7km northeast from Mengwi. It is said, "Holy monkey's forest".
This temple built by Mengwi royal family in 17th century. It grows in abundance like the defense of Pura Bukit Sari by the tree of Para of over 130 feet. This temple enshrines Vishnu who is the god of prosperity.
In the interior of the temple, there is a statue of Garuda covered with the moss. Garuda is a bird said taking Vishnu god and flight. It is used also for the national flag of Indonesia and the name of the airline.

Pura Bukit Sari - Bali Sightseeing Spot

Pura Bukit Sari at the center of the forest is called the alias "Monkey temple", and a lot of monkeys live around the temple and inside the temple.
The number of habitation is said over 1,000.
The monkey is very accustomed to the person. They don't run away even if the person approaches. On the contrary they will play a trick, and they watches person's chance. And, they easily jump onto the person. There are pretty monkeys, too and are a lot of brutal monkeys, too. Please take care for sunglasses, earrings, and Pierce not to be taken away.

Because the monkey is accustomed to the person, the photograph can be easily taken.
However, when the camera is set up, a local person begins to give the monkey food. And, they tell the tourist to take the photograph, saying that "Take the photograph early" and "It is a chance at a perfect shot".
And, when the tourist takes the photograph, they demand the price of the monkey's food. Moreover, when the monkey gets on tourist's shoulder, a local person approaches. And, they said, "I lower the monkey from your shoulder because it is dangerous", and they begins to give the monkey food. They demand the price of the monkey's food.
If they begin to give the monkey food without permission, please reject it clearly.
When the monkey jumps onto your shoulder, please do not panic, do not make noise, and bend down slowly. Then, it becomes easy for the monkey to get off.
Monkey's food is sold for Rp.1,000 at the entrance of the temple.

Access; From the airport for 1 hour 30 minute by car
Open time; 9:00-17:00
Admission fee; Rp.10,000
Clothes are not especially limited.

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