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Pura Luhur Batukau

The standard nomenclature is Pura Luhur Batukau. It is built in the place of the altitude about 2,130 feet in the south of altitude about 7,500 feet Agung Batukau. Agung Batukau is a high mountain in third in Bali. By the way, the highest mountain is Gunung Agung, and the second is Gunung Batur.
Tabanan Kingdom built as country temple to enshrine the ancestor in the 18th century.
Kau means "West" in an Indonesian language. Therefore, it is said that it was named in the meaning of "Mountain in the west". However, it is said that means "Mountain of the husk of the coconut".

Pura Luhur Batukau - Bali Sightseeing Spot

This temple is a compound temple as well as Besakih Temple ( Pura Besakih ). Pura Dalem at the center is famous as a hall of Kecak. There is Pura Banyaum in the south.
There are some Mel (tower) in the temple. Seven layers Mel enshrine Di Made. Di Made is a ruler at Gelgel dynasty of the latter half of the 17th century. Three layers Mel enshrine Cokorda Tabanan. Cokorda is royal family's name in Bali. The royal family who says Cokorda of Tabanan is enshrined.
There is a pond in east in this temple. There are two shrines in the small island in center of this pond. The goddess of Danau Tamblingan on the north side of Gunung Batukau is enshrined to one shrine. The god of Gunung Batukau is enshrined to another shrine.
The region around here was a sacred ground where the megalith was worshiped before the temple built. Therefore, a lot of megaliths that stand upright are enshrined to this temple. This megalith is called Linga, and is the one to symbolize the penis. There is a theory of having been used for the ancestor worship.
The child who doesn't teethe must not enter this temple. There is a legend of getting sick when the child who doesn't teethe enters this temple. Though it is written, "The child where teeth have not grown must not enter" at the entrance. However, no one knows it came to be said so why.
The tourist is few because it is not maintained of the road. Therefore, an approach to a shrine that goes to ruin and a covered with moss wall quietly have mysterious atmosphere.
There is a shrine where the god of Danau Bratan, the god of Danau Tamblingan, and the god of Danau Buyan pieces are enshrined in the hillside in Gunung Batukau. It can climb a mountain from this place.

Because it is a high ground, it is very cold according to the climate. Taking the jacket recommend it.
Without forgetting the preparation for the umbrella and the raincoat because it is a rainy region.
Because the road is not understood easily if it climbs a mountain, the climbing mountain guide is always necessary. Without forgetting the preparation for food, the cold measures, and the raincoat because it hangs for 6 hours in one way. If it is a climbing mountain purpose, the dry season recommend it.

Access; From the airport for 2 hours by car.
Open time; 8:00-17:00
Admission fee; Contribution
Breechcloth and the string (Srendan) for the visit to a shrine are necessary.

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