Matahari in Kuta

Department store Matahari-Kuta that becomes center of Kuta-Square.
There are a lot of Bali miscellaneous goods and a shop of the fashion around here, too. And it is a fixed price system to which all price tags attach. It is good for the person who goes to Bali for the first time to experience prices here.
The first floor of the Matahari department store includes a lot of foods, daily necessaries, the Bali goods, and the chocolate, etc.
There are cosmetics, apparel, and an electric product, etc. above the second floor. There is a food court in the fourth floor, too.
Always Kuta-Square also includes the fast food shop, the tour desk, and the exchange place, etc. and it is always crowded with the tourist.

Matahari in Kuta - Department Store

Main entrance at Matahari department store.

Matahari in Kuta - Department Store

There is a souvenir of Bali in the door.

Matahari in Kuta - Department Store

The interior of the first floor also includes the fruit etc.
There are a lot of souvenirs like the chocolate and the aroma product, etc. , too.

Matahari in Kuta - Department Store
Jl. Bakung Sari No.1, Kuta
OPEN:9:00AM - 22:00PM

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