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Bali Supermarket & Department Store Information

Let's go out to the supermarket and the department store at once when arriving at Bali.
Because it learns prices of Bali, the best method for the beginner.
And, to buy a delicious fruit and daily necessaries.

The procedure of shopping and payment
The procedure is the same as super in your country.
All goods are the fixed price systems to which the price tag attaches excluding the shop of some tenants.
Goods that you chose are taken to the cash register, the bar code is read, and money is paid.

Bali Supermarket & Department Store InformationPayment is Rupiah local currency and can use the credit card in a lot of shops.
(Please confirm it beforehand though the US dollar and T/C, etc. can be used in some shops)

They are basically selling by weight though the fruit, the vegetable, and meat, etc. might be sold by packing.
The plastic bag is put for the fruit to be near. It puts by the favor and it passes it to the nearby clerk. The price seal with the bar code is pasted. And, it is paid with the cash register.

The clerk packs goods that you bought into the bag. Please note that there is a little rough clerk.
The candy are used instead of money for the change.

Cheap & safe shopping
Going to the local market "Pasar" is the best to buy the fruit cheaply.
However, it worries a little because there are a lot of things to which it is necessary to bargain over the price in the market and the insect is attaching.
There are goods that the quality is good in the fixed price system in case of the supermarket.
Moreover, there is a convenience store (It is called the mini shop in Bali) everywhere in the town also in Bali recently. The supermarket can be bought very cheaply though the mineral water and the detergent, etc. are sold. Buying it bringing the necessary one together in the supermarket is a good method.
When the cigarette, the medicine, and cosmetics, etc. are bought in the supermarket, it is cheap.

Shopping for souvenir
There are a lot of supermarkets where goods that become souvenirs like the Bali miscellaneous goods, the chocolate, silver, and the painting, etc. are put.
One of the charms that goods that the quality is good and affordable being found also shops at the supermarket and the department store.
The supermarket, the department store, and you should compare a lot of shops with the shop in the town.

Can seeing of detailed information by clicking the shop name from a left menu.

The store circumstances like the move, closing the store, and the charge revision, etc. change hour by hour every day though it tries like collecting latest information on this site. Please get use after it confirms it in the locale.

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