Bali Deli

There is it at Kunti-street where individuality sect Villa such as The Viras and The Ahimusa.
Europe and the import ingredient such as Japan also are abundant the kind of wine, the cheese, and the ham sausage, and have a lot of salads, sushis, and daily dishes such as roast beef.
It is a popular shop also among the Bali living Japanese and the Europe and America people tourist very delicious though it is expensive.
An unexpected souvenir might be found because there are a Ginger tea, a chocolate, organic farming food, and cosmetics.
Goods in stock in the Japanese food are abundant, and there are daily dishes and bakery, too.

Bali Deli - Supermarket

There are a lot of high-level goods though the store is not so large.

Bali Deli - Supermarket

The kind of the cheese, meat and poultry, the processed food, and daily dishes is abundant.
There is a wine cellar, and goods in stock of the quality wine are abundant.

Bali Deli - Supermarket

There is a cafe in the courtyard, too and it is popular the Europe and America people who lives in Bali.
It can eat in this cafe the salad and the bread made in the store. You can buy it by confirming the taste.

Bali Deli - Supermarket
Jl. Kunti 117X, Seminyak
OPEN:8:00AM - 22:00PM

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