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BIMC Bali International Medical Centre

BIMC - Kuta Legian Tuban - Bali Shop Information BIMC Hospital was officially opened on 27th July 1998 and was established to provide and excellent primary health care service for locals, tourists, travelers and expatriates living in Bali. This superb international standard medical facility is conveniently located just minutes from Kuta and the International airport.
BIMC - Kuta Legian Tuban - Bali Shop Information Australian, English, American, New Zealand, Japanese, and Indonesian staff are ready to assist 24 hours a day. Stephanie Breen, a Midwife and Nurse originally from New Zealand, together with Medical Director Dr. Donna Moniaga, oversee a dedicated medical team.

BIMC - Kuta Legian Tuban - Bali Shop Information Consultation Rooms
Clean and cool private consultation rooms on the Clinic's premises are all linked with the Centre's Local Area Network (LAN) computerized medical system.
Observation Room
Patients can be accommodated in private rooms under full monitoring for observation, stabilization, or while awaiting medical evacuation
Minor Surgery / Treatment Rooms
Minor surgical procedures and routine medical treatments and dressings are performed in a separate sterile medical environment. Pharmacy
A complete range of local and imported prescription drugs are stocked at the Centre's pharmacy.
In House Psychiatrist
A staff psychiatrist is available on a 24-hour basis for consultation and psychiatric intervention.
Immunization Services
A full range of standard recommended vaccines are stocked.
Travel Health
Travel health is a relatively new branch of medicine established to meet the needs of the growing worldwide travel industry. Indonesia has recognized this fact and recently held an international conference in Bali. BIMC is recognized as one of the leaders in the area of travel health, providing international standard medical care including preventative prophylaxis.
General Medical Check-Up
Medical check-up programs at BIMC are designed to identify risk factors and early signs of major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Screening is conducted in a quiet, comfortable environment with the personal attention of experienced medical staff, allowing time to discuss health issues and test results of the screening with the doctor.
Medical Referrals
BIMC has a full list of specialists that can be called into the centre or, alternatively, the patient can be given a referral letter to see the specialists at their own practice.
If required, BIMC can consult with home-country physicians and make referrals to hospitals in both Australia and Singapore.
Insurance Liaison
BIMC provides its own membership program that enables patients to join and receive outpatient care at no additional charge. It is also possible to include worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation coverage in the membership program.

BIMC - Kuta Legian Tuban - Bali Shop Information PT.Medica Sarana Traliansia
JL.By Pass Ngurah Rai 100X Kuta
Telephone : +62-361-761263
Fax : +62-361-764345

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