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Let's enjoy seafood stand Ikan Bakar in Jimbaran of the sunset spot.

Jimbaran Seafood Restaurants "Ikan Bakar"

Scenery of Ikan Bakar As for Ikan Bakar, Ikan = fish, Bakar = grill, it is meant "the grilled fish" by Indonesian.
In the beach of the Gulf of Jimbaran, seafood restaurants called "Jimbaran cafe" form a line and can eat fresh seafood in the comfortable sea breeze. It is popular as an admiration spot of the sunsets, and many tourists come. After the sunset, an airport and the illuminations of an arriving and departing airplane, and the light of Four Seasons built on the very large site is a romantic atmosphere. Also the couple spends happy time into the night.
Ikan Bakar is a name of the cooking, but it become a famous spot in Bali so that "Ikan Bakar is Jimbaran".

A big lobster You choose the seafood first. And it measure heaviness of the seafood.
It is not a good method that you sit down on a table, and make an order. You really watch seafood in the entrance of the restaurant and should decide it.
Because the seafood is a price per the gram, let's confirm the weight of scales. And you are to confirm the total amount at the time. It is the method that is good for you to confirm because you are not deceived. Please be careful.
Rice, vegetables and dessert have many restaurants be free price.
And you do order of drink such as alcohol or juices such as the beer. The restaurants where there were cocktail and wine and Japanese sake increased recently.

A sunset of Jimbaran There is the optional tour that kecak dances and seafood dinner were set. However, it will be good to go to there by taxi. You depart to arrive at there at around 17:00PM, It is time that is earlier than the sunset. You examine some restaurants closely, and let's get the good position of the good view.
A taxi driver says that "I know a cheap and good restaurant". He may take you to the shop of his acquaintance. They want a kickback. You compare some restaurants and check it... Is the seafood fresh? Is not expensive? It is a good method and you really look at the restaurant and to decide a restaurant

Scenery of Jimbaran Many restaurants are crowded from a sunset of night. However, it will be good to go for the lunch because there are many restaurants which are open from noon. There are few people and can enjoy scenery of Jimbaran different from the atmosphere of the sunset.
There is a table seat with the roof at many restaurants. It is not necessary for you to worry about rain and sunlight.


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