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Pak Malen
Babi Guling at Seminyak

"Pak Malen" is name of the owner of this Warung. The full name of this Warung is "Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen". It is meaning "Babi Guling's restaurant of Mr.Pak Malen".

There is this Warung "Pak Malen" along the Sunset Road in Seminyak.
There is this Warung between JL.Raya Kerobokan junction and crossing of JL.Kunti. Tere is this Warung between JL.Raya Kerobokan junction and JL.Kunti crossing. It is the southwest side corner of the crossing with the signal.
Babi Guling of this Warung is "Very spicy!".

Pak Malen Babi Guling at Seminyak

"This taste is true hotness of Bali!" It is surprisingly spicy. However, you will want to eat this hotness again. If you feel unsatisfactory Babi Guling with other Warung, please try this Warung.
The small Warung is always crowded with visitors. The visitor of the take-out stands in line, too.
The person of the heavy sweater need a towel.

Pak Malen Babi Guling at Seminyak

Renovation in summer 2008. It increase twice as much as the area of then. The table also clean and newly.
It is the Warung where is popular among Balinese people , but also the tourists seem to have increased very much.
One of the staff can speak simple English, but you can speak only Indonesian in there.

Pak Malen Babi Guling at Seminyak

The thing which ticked away these green vegetables is the hottest part called Lawar. For a tourist, it seem to distribute it particularly. If you like being spicy, it mix all and please eat it.。
In this Warung, draw fruit to the juicer and make appetizing juice. Many Balinese drinks deliciously. However, the tourist of first in Bali had better not order it, because this juice use ice.

Pak Malen at Seminyak
Jl.By Pass Ngurah Rai, Sanur
Along the Sunset Road in Seminyak

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