Bu Oka
Babi Guling at Ubud

This Bu Oka that is introduced to a guidebook is a pronoun of Babi Guling. There will be many people having been to this Warung.
There are many dossers, It is always crowded from opening time. When The pigs (it is cooked 5 pigs every day) cooked on the day were edible, it is the end in the business hours of that Warung. You should visit there in early time.
The seasoning that is not so spicy(When you compared it with other Warung). It will be all right for a person eating rice for the first time and the person who are weak in spicy taste. It is cut thick, and the pork that a lot of meat juices are soft is the most delicious. It will be difficult to taste the quantity of this meat in other Warung.

Bu Oka at Ubud

If you find the vacant seat and sit down, Babi Guling has been carried for the number of people even if you order nothing. It is only drink that you make an order. You say it at the time of payment by oneself if you ate some fruits on a table.

Bu Oka at Ubud

There is the outdoor table, too. However, it was rainy unfortunately on that day.
However, many people demand Babi Guling and gather even if it is a rainy day.

Bu Oka at Ubud

It is good, you go to Bu Oka at Ubud if it is the first time that you eat Babi Guling.
Please enjoy Babi Guling which quantity of the pork is enough for.

Bu Oka at Ubud
Jl.Suweta Ubud
Near Puri Saren Agung (Royal Palace). Please find the signboard of Bu Oka.

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