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Let's take the charter car

There is a guide that can speak English, not only the driver in the charter car.
It is very recommend transportation for the traveler who is not accustomed to Bali.
There is goodness a lot when the guide always goes. Notes of each sightseeing spot are given. Even if the trouble occurs, he processes it at once. You can go to the place only of an Indonesia language.

The charter car can be arranged by tour desk of the hotel, local travel agency, travel agency of home country, etc.
Moreover, Tourist Board Information Center and taxi driver in the town are barker. Looking for the charter car in the town is cheap. However, if the price negotiation and the trouble are unpleasant, we will recommend the hotel and travel agency.

Please take care about following when you use the charter car.

Presence of air conditioner
A recent car almost has the air conditioner. However, please confirm a too cheap charter car. Please confirm it tentatively even usually.

About the word and guide
If they are two person (the guide and the driver), the guide can speak English. In this case, the driver can speak English only a little. However, it is easy conversation extent.
The driver who can speak English occasionally serves as the guide concurrently. In this case, there is no guide and there is only a driver.

Confirmation of price
Please say your hope time and the place where it wants to go to the staff. And, please ask as how much the price.
The charter car has a basic setting of price. It is basic time and a sightseeing package, etc. Staff calculates with this price by one hour extension at basic time. It is such a price system. Please say your hope to the staff in detail, and ask the price. If the confirmation is neglected, the guide said, "It is another charge because it is far" and "Time is insufficient for going to that", and becomes a trouble in the future. Therefore, let's neatly confirm the content and the price.

When it meets kind and good guide, it is happy. They give the story and the advice of Bali. They might take you to the good place and a little-known spot. They might teach a recommend restaurant. And, you might be able to make memories only of the charter car.
Moreover, the price of charter car is not a price per person. Therefore, if the charter car is used in the group, it is likely to become an original and cheap tour.

How is the chip done?
In a long time of the charter during one day etc. , please pass the chip to them. Or, it is a good thing to invite them to the same seat at lunch and tea break.
How about the enjoyment in doing so because the action is the same as them at long time?
If the driver who cannot speak English is invited, he might refuse. There are as a matter of fact many shy people in Bali. Therefore, you must not worry even if it is refused by him. It doesn't forcibly invite it at such time, and why don't you pass the chip including the lunch fee to him? (For instance, 10,000 rupiah and 20,000rupiah)

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