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Let's take the taxi

Meter taxis Meter taxis are running in the southern part resort areas such as Kuta, Regian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Benoa, and Sanur.
Of course, it is possible to call from the hotel and restaurant by telephone. Moreover, it is possible to get on by stopping the running taxi. Therefore, you only have to take the taxi as usual.
However, there are various troubles. Please take care about the following.

The charge meter is not used
Occasionally, there is a taxi driver who begins run without the charge meter. The purpose is to demand the large amount of money charge, when getting to your destination.
Please stop the taxi and get off, when the charge meter doesn't move beginning to run. Taxi driver might make an excuse, saying that "The charge meter is broken". However, let's get off early and look for the next taxi.
It is good to ask the taxi driver first, "Do you use the charge meter?"

Waiting time is another charge
It is only a charge meter, when you make the taxi wait with shopping. However, there is a taxi driver who says, "There are a charge meter and a waiting charge". There is even a taxi driver who shows the price list. However, there is not another charge. Please refuse clearly.
However, the movement outside the resort area does the surcharge setting in each taxicab company. This is a regular charge that the company has decided. Please say the destination, and confirm to the driver whether it is an area of the extra charge.
However, we think that there is not extra charge, for the movement in the southern part resort area.

Tomorrow's reservation is demanded
There are a lot of drivers who talk to intimately.
The schedule for tomorrow is asked, and there is a driver who requests persistently, saying that "It wants you to reserve tomorrow". There is a reason why he requests to reserve the taxi as a charter car. It is because it wants take you to the place that he recommends. And when you shop and eat, the taxi driver can get a kickback. However, all are not necessarily so.
If you liked him because the conversation bounces with the driver, please reserve it.
We recommend it because there is a safe taxicab company in Bali.
It is a light blue and navy blue taxi. (It is called "bluebird taxi" and "blue taxi".)
However, there is a person not good also in a safe company. Therefore, even if it a safe company, minimum attention is necessary.
Driver's name and photograph are decorated in Taxi. And, the telephone number is written. Actually, this company's treatment is different by the sales result and the number of complaints of drivers. Please report to this company for other people and this company, when you met a bad taxi driver. The treatment of this company is a new car. If it is the driver of the new car in the taxi of the same company, it is safer.

An exclusive taxi of hotel
An exclusive taxi of the hotel might come, when asking for the taxi in the hotel reception. However, the charge of most them is higher than that of a usual taxi. There is it in the case of the double charge of a usual taxi. Please specify, "Please call meter taxi", when you ask for the taxi. This is often at a large-scale hotel.
There is a hotel said, "It is not possible to call the taxi" and "It is only a hotel car". There is no such thing. However, they are being directed by company saying so. This is one of the business. Please ask the staff the charge. And, please refuse clearly if the hotel car is unpleasant. And, please ask the staff to call meter taxi.

Disallowance taxi
The taxi of Bali is authorization system. However, there are still a lot of people who do a barker with the disallowance taxi.
A good point is that the charge of negotiate. It is likely to become cheaper than a regular taxi, according to the negotiation.
However, the trouble is often heard. Therefore, we do not recommend it.
There is an exception by the place.
Meter taxi hardly passes in Ubud. It is an influence of Banjarl. Banjarl is Balinese regional community.
Meter taxi can be called by telephone. However, it takes time because the taxicab company is not in Ubud.
There is a disallowance taxi in Ubud. However, the unfamiliar person recommends the free shuttle bus of hotel and the free bus of restaurant to be used. Do not use a disallowance taxi as much as possible.

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