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Notes, when arriving at Bali

They are notes from the arrival at Bali to going out of the airport.

Receipt of "Visa On Arrival"
Receipt of Visa On ArrivalIt is a receipt gotten when the price of the visa is paid.
The price of the visa can pay by credit card. However, US dollar payment is a smooth procedure.
There is a staff who sells a cheap visa, saying that "Make it cheapness". However, do not trust it. Because when returning home, the penalty is claimed, saying that "You are not paying according to regulations". Therefore, please pay a regular charge.
The price of the visa is different by the stay days.
Until 7 days : US$10
From 8 days to 30 days : US$25
(The stay for 30 days or more is applied in the embassy beforehand and paid. Moreover, few countries are free of charge. Please confirm it beforehand.)
The arrival day and the departure day are included in the stay days.
Please keep the receipt of "Visa On Arrival" until returning home.

Visa put on the passport
Visa put on the passportIt is a visa put on the passport by the immigration.
Please pass your passport, "Arrival/departure card", air ticket, and receipt of visa to staff.
When the staff inputs to the computer, the arrival visa receipt is printed. It is a seal. The staff puts the arrival visa seal on the passport.
Please check the one that returns from the staff.
Are you have your passport, a stub of "Arrival/departure card" (departure card), return air ticket, receipt of visa, at hand? Is the arrival visa put on your passport? And, please confirm the date in the arrival visa for attention.
Moreover, it is necessary to note that because departure card is lost easily small.

Precaution at the porter
Please caution a porter when you receive the entrusted suitcase. A porter is standing by near the turntable. A porter starts seeing the chance, and having your luggage. And, after your luggage is carried a little, a porter tries to get the chip.
And, please caution a porter even if you exit from a building. Because, a porter pretends to have come to pick you up, and tries to have your luggage. And, a porter tries to get the chip.
Recently, a malignant porter decreased. However, there is still the tourist who passes a porter a luggage without knowing any thing.
They are watching for your chance. Please take care enough.
Please follow a procedure with the airport staff when your luggage is not on the turntable.

Exchange in air port
A lot of moneychangers are between customs and the exit.
A generation ago, the rate of the airport was much worse than the rate of the town. However, rate is so no difference, now. However, the hotel rate is not good.
We will recommend a little exchange in the airport if the rupiah is necessary for the arrival day.

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