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Arrival at Bali & Indonesia entering a country

"Arrival/departure card" and "Customs declaration card" are distributed in the airplane to Bali. Let's fill it in, by the arrival at Bali. It is easy to fill it in.
However, it is necessary to take notes of the stay destination before a trip, because it is filled in. Moreover, please prepare the passport and air ticket, and fill it in.
Please ask the cabin attendant if you do not understand.
"Arrival/departure card" is necessary to fill it in one a person.
"Customs declaration card" is good in the declaration of each a companion group. However, fill it in even when there is no declaration.

Arrival at Bali
Please see the guide display of the arrival and go to the immigration after you get off the airplane.

VISA ON ARRIVAL Counter of "Visa on arrival"
At first, you obtain the arrival visa. There is a signboard of "VISA ON ARRIVAL", and stand in a queue there please.
Please pass the passport and visa price to the staff of the counter. The visa price is payment by the US dollar. The staff passes you the receipt of visa.
The acquisition of the visa is possible by each group. Therefore, if it is a group, we will recommend one person stand in a queue "VISA ON ARRIVAL". And, queuing up in the immigration might be good for other people. Because, when the incoming flight is a lot, the immigration has a long queue.
Please queue up happily in the group when there is no queue.

Immigration There is a passport control. Please pass your passport, "Arrival/departure card", air ticket, and receipt of visa to staff

Check please!
Please check the one that returns from the staff.
Are you have your passport, a stub of "Arrival/departure card" (departure card), return air ticket, receipt of visa, at hand? Is the arrival visa put on your passport?

Security check
There is a security check of luggage though it doesn't understand why.
(It might be a check on tax-free goods of the cigarette and liquors.)

The entrusted luggage is received.
The luggage that the suitcase and the surfing board, etc. entrusted is carried with the turntable.
Please do not pass it to the porter, and have luggage by yourself.

The customs The customs
Please pass "Customs declaration card" and passport to staff.

Exchange place Exchange place
A lot of moneychangers queue up to the exit when it passes by the customs.
Rates of the airport are worse than moneychangers in the town. However, let's exchange it a little if necessary. We will recommend the shop exchanged for bills of large denominations.

Let's look for tour guide To the exit
Let's look for tour guide and the friend of meeting.
Or, let's go to the cabstand.

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