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About the limitation of bringing in to the aircraft

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) strengthened the limitation of bringing in of the international flight from March 2007.
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

About a liquid bringing to the aircraft of the international flight.
This is a limitation when a liquid thing is brought in as luggage. (The gel and aerosol are contained) It doesn't contain the trust luggage.
(The trust luggage is luggage entrusted at the counter.)

  1. All the liquids are individually put in the container of under 100ml. (The liquid of less than 100ml is not permitted to be put in the container of over 100ml.)
  2. Put the container in a transparent, plastic bag of less than 1l. This bag must be the one with the zipper. And the zipper must close neatly.
  3. One person can bring it in only by one bag. Show the inspection personnel the plastic bag at the security check.
  4. A medicine, baby milk, baby food, and a special restricted diet can be separately brought in. (It is likely to be questioned on the necessity. And the baby articles must have the baby together.)
  5. Put out from the bag and show a plastic bag, and electronic equipment such as laptop. Moreover, it is necessary to take off and show it to the jacket, the wristwatch, and the belt, etc, separately. Because to do baggage inspection efficiently.

The rule is different by each country, and about the liquid bought in the duty free shop, take care please.
There is regulation in detail with a liquid thing. Gel, paste, aerosol, the spray, the seasoning, and the yogurt, etc. are included. Moreover, please note women's cosmetics. The reason for women's cosmetics is that there are a lot of liquid things. And the beverage such as the juice and water are included.
The above-mentioned bag and container are sold in the shop that has deal the travel goods. By the way, the departure from Bali does the security check at the boarding. Therefore, the liquid bought in the duty free shop is seized, and take care please.
About the regulation of each country, please ask a travel agency and the airline.
About the domestic airline, regulation is different in each country.

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