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About Cash, Traveler's check, and Credit card

It is not possible to play if there is no money though it is a special travel.
The United States dollar and Euro can be used in the resort area in Bali.
Most large-scale hotels can use the credit card.
It is safe only in United States dollar, Euro, and credit card only if staying at a large-scale hotel, and going to the duty free shop and a high-level spa.
However, the rupiah is necessary if leaving the resort area and going to the shop, the restaurant, and the cheap spa in the town and the village.
It plays happily after it exchanges it for the rupiah in the bank, the post office, and the exchanger in Bali.
Please see About Currency about exchange.

About Cash

Only the paper money can be used excluding the rupiah. Coins other than the rupiah cannot be used. There is occasionally a shop that can use the coin. However, it is very rare.
There are a hotel and a shop that can use the currency of the home country.
However, we will recommend exchanging it for the rupiah in the airport, the exchanger, and the bank, etc.

About United State dollar

There is a case of the United States dollar specification payment by a hotel, a spa, and an optional tour. Please examine and prepare the payment method beforehand.
There is a paper money that cannot be used by the law of Indonesia in the United States dollar. Please note the following.
1) The paper money issued before 1996 cannot be used. (It contains it in 1996)
2) 100 dollar note that the issue number starts by "CB" or "CD" cannot be used. (The issue fiscal year is not related)
3) The dirty money cannot be used.
4) The paper money fixed with the stapler etc. cannot be used.
The purpose is the counterfeit to prevent. A part of moneychanger seems to be likely to refuse the exchange of the United States dollar.
When exchanging it for the rupiah, we will recommend exchanging it with bills of large denominations as much as possible. Because the exchange rate of small-value bills is bad.

About traveler's check

Traveler's check is possible to reissue it. Therefore, it is safe also in the trouble of the loss and the theft. It is possible to buy it in the bank etc. before it travel.
However, the commission hangs when buying it. Moreover, the rate is worse than cash, when exchanging it in Bali.
However, because you may not have a large sum of cash, it is safe.

About credit card

It is possible to use it bay a big hotel, a big restaurant, and a big souvenir shop.
Being able to use most in Bali is "VISA". And 2nd is "MASTER", 3rd is "American Express", 4th is "Diners".
Please confirm it beforehand as the staying destination and shopping destination etc.
Credit card is possible to reissue it. Therefore, it is safe also in the trouble of the loss and the theft. We will recommend the card number and the telephone number at the customer center to be written down. And please keep it excluding in the purse.

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