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About Currency

The currency of Indonesia is a rupiah including Bali. The menu of the restaurant omits and is written as "Rp."

The rate is bad though there is a bank that can exchange in the home country. Therefore, we will recommend the exchange after it arrives at Bali.
There are eight kinds of paper moneys and five kinds of coins of rupiah

Only the paper money can be exchanged, and the coin cannot be exchanged.
However, there is a paper money that cannot be exchanged in the United States dollar.
The issue number etc. might be confirmed for the forged paper moneys prevention.

About the currency used to pay

The payment of shopping and meal is a rupiah usually. However, the hotel, the spa, and activity have the United States dollar specification. Therefore, we will recommend the United States dollar to be prepared. Of course, it is possible to pay by the rupiah and national currency. However, there are a lot of things that become high payment because of the conversion rate.

About the exchange rate

The display of the moneychanger of Bali is "USD=10,120" , "EURO=14,130". This is a display 1 dollar and 1 Euro.
For instance, when 100 dollars are exchanged for the rupiah, becomes 1,012,000 rupiah.

When shopping, it is a conversion method to the national currency. Example : 20,000rupiah shopping is done at "USD=10,120".
20,000(rupiah) divided by 10,120(USD) = $1.98
Please calculate like this.

About the place that can be exchanged

The place in which it can exchange it is the bank, the post office, the hotel, and a moneychanger of town. The airport also has the exchange place.
The exchange rate is different in the place and shop.
Usually, the exchange rate of the moneychanger of the town is good. And it continues with the airport and the hotel.

The trouble in the moneychanger of the town is often heard. Please take care when rate is extremely good compared with other places. Please count handed money in front of the clerk again by yourself at such time.
We will recommend exchange in the bank and the post office of the official facilities, and exchange specialty store of the town.

The exchange of 100 dollars becomes the rupiah of considerable amount. We will recommend exchange with bills of large denominations as much as possible. We will recommend the place exchanged for 100,000 rupiah paper money or 50,000 rupiah paper money to be searched.

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