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About Meal

"There seems to be a person who broke his stomach in Bali." Do you become uneasy hearing this? Do you worry about the hygiene side? It is where you eat.

A restaurant of the buffet-style The fashionable hotel and the tidy restaurant for a tourist are safe.
It eats as it is and is safe like the salad, ice, and the fruit, etc. Because the mineral water is used for everything.
However, the stomach might be taken down though it ate in a tidy restaurant.
It seems not to be a problem on the hygiene side. In the almost everyone, it is an overeating and overdrinking is a cause. Moreover, there are a lot of spicy meals of Bali. It is a cause that spicy food stimulation is too strong to the stomach.
Moreover, the thing that tiredness collects because of a hard schedule is a cause. The usual meal might take down the stomach when becoming tired. Please note the overeating and overdrinking are not accustomed to be eaten though it is understood well that it is delicious. Please take care more than usually.

However, there are some restaurants not sanitary either. It is a restaurant (Warung) and a stall where the local commutes. You should not go when it feels insecurity or the physical condition is not good.
The foreigner who often goes to Bali and the foreigner who lives in Bali often go to a local restaurant. Therefore, it is safe even if it doesn't worry too much. However, please confirm whether ice is a mineral water. Or, please order the drink without ice. Moreover, please order food that the fire passes.

There are not only the hotel but also a lot of restaurants in Bali. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants of a famous chef enchanted to Bali in each country. Therefore, it can eat a dish all over the world's food, it is not only Indonesian food. Meal is one of the enjoyments of resort in Bali.

local restaurant

About a local restaurant

When eating with a local person in a local restaurant, it is likely to notice. They are eating by using the hand without using a fork. It is likely to feel odd in it. However, a local person is a natural action. Actually, the taste changes if eating by the hand. It might be unbelievable. However, it is a true story. Please eat with the hand if there is a chance. It might be one of the enjoyments.
It is one as for notes when eating by the hand. Please use only the right hand. Because the left hand is said, "Dirty hand" in Bali.

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