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About the health care

Traveling abroad is continuousness of environment and the meal that is not accustomed. It comes to become tired and to destroy the physical condition.
The health care is necessary for the great trip.

About stomach

The stomach might become painful because of meal and tiredness.
The effect of the medicine in Indonesia is strong. The person from whom the stomach becomes painful easily must carry about the regular medicine.

The thing to drink tap water is strict prohibition in Bali. Please buy and drink the mineral water. When tap water is drunk, the stomach is broken.
Please say, "Aqua please" when you order the mineral water in the restaurant. "Aqua" is a brand name that sells most in Bali. The server brings the mineral water even if there is no "Aqua". There is a mineral water in room in a hotel free of charge. We will recommend the mineral water to be used also for the tooth polish.

Please note the hygiene side when you eat in a stall and a local restaurant.
The heated dish is almost safe. However, it is necessary to note the ice of the salad and the juice. The salad has the possibility of washing the vegetable in tap water. Ice has the possibility of freezing tap water.
The hotel and the restaurant for the tourist need not note it.

About the cold

There is a thing catching a cold though it is hot in Bali.
Please do not sleep because of lowering air-conditioning too much.
The mountainous district gets cold at morning and night.
Therefore, it is likely to catch a cold in the difference of the temperature.
Please bring a medicine accustomed.

About the sun stroke

The sunlight of Bali is stronger than that of the imagination.
Please bring sunglasses and the hat when it goes out. Please paint the sunscreen and go out.
The sun blazes even if walking in the town by shopping. It sunburns at once.
Moreover, if the moisture replenishment is not done for a long time outside, it gets heatstroke.
Please the sunscreen must be painted, the hat must suffer, and drink the mineral water when it goes out.

In case of emergency

Please go to the hospital early when it gets sick at the hotel. Most large-scale hotels cooperate with the hospital. Please request the staff at the hotel to contact the hospital.

Please go to the hospital excluding the hotel by yourself when getting sick with the injury. There is a big emergency hospital in Bali. The hospital does around the clock. Please carry about the telephone number of the hospital and the memo of the place while traveling.

BIMC Hospital ( Bali international medical center )
PT.Medica Sarana Traliansia
JL.By Pass Ngurah Rai 100X Kuta
Telephone : 0361-761263
Along the by-pass, it has no holiday all the year round around the clock.
There is an ambulance, and various traveling abroad insurances are applied.

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