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About Shopping

It shops by the price negotiation in Bali. However the price is not negotiated on in all shops. There is a shop of the fixed price sales.
The Bali goods is popular among the tourist. The thing to cheaply buy lovely Bali goods might be one of the enjoyments.
How do you think, can you cheaply buy favorite Bali goods?
The answer is to search for a lot of shops.
At first, please check the fixed price in the shopping center. Afterwards, please challenge the price negotiation in a small shop in the town.

Notes of price negotiation

The price negotiation and beat down the price are the self-responsibilities.
The price negotiation is a negotiation to decide the price for myself, and to bring it close to the price.
Do not complain even if the same Bali goods cheaply sell in other shops.
Because you bought the Bali goods after you who negotiated consent.
Even the repeater to shop wisely now has done the same failure. It progresses because the price negotiation fails.

About kickback

The schedule to go to the souvenir shop is made when traveling by the package tour.
There is a system of the kickback in Bali. (It is a same old story in the sightseeing spot.)
The system of the kickback is as follows.

  1. You shop in the shop.
  2. The person in the shop calculates the amount of money on the kickback by the amount of money of your shopping.
  3. The person who guided you receives the kickback.

There is same thing even if it is not a package tour. It is a guided thing in the guide and the cabby, saying that "It introduces my friend's cheap shop".
If the favorite is found, it finishes being satisfactory. However, because the kickback price is included, it is not possible to buy it cheaply.
We will recommend the shop to be found oneself with the taxi and the charter car.

About the price negotiation

You found a lovely Bali goods in a small shop in the town.
And, you multiply the voice to the seller. "How much is this goods?" Then, the seller says a high price to you. Then, you say to the seller, "Make it to cheapness or more because of height". The seller hears it oppositely. "How much is it bought?" Well, how much price do you set?
The price said first is very important. The negotiation stars from the price that you said.
It is very important whether to know the fixed price at this time.
At first, please think about the price by which you may seem to buy it. Please say the price, reduced a little from the thought price. It is a negotiation start by the price.
When not becoming cheap, we will recommend the bulk buying. Please hear, "If these five (ten) goods are bought, how much?" It is a technique to beat this down. When seller's price is heard, about one price is understood.

However, please do not think too much difficultly. Please enjoy shopping. The price negotiation is one of the enjoyments of shopping. The communication with the seller is one of the happy memories. The failure becomes the funny story of the travel. The technique of the price negotiation improve oneself gain experience.

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