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Prices of Bali

Do not you think, "Prices of Bali are cheap" and "It can enjoy the pocket money few and cheaply"?
GDP a person in 2007 is compared.
The United States is about 46,000 dollars. Australia is about 39,000 dollars. Britain is about 45,000 dollars. Japan is 34,000 dollars. Indonesia is 1,900 dollars.
Indonesia's prices are certainly cheap.

The souvenir shop of the town The repeat customer knows the knack of enjoying Bali cheaply.
However, the person who came to Bali for the first time often thinks, "Money has been fully spent" and "Prices of Bali are high".
About 5,000 rupiah cola of 330ml ($0.43) About 6,300 rupiah Indonesian cigarette ($0.54) About 13,000 rupiah meal of Balinese ($1.09) Prices of Bali are very cheap.
Why is it said, "Prices are high"?

Inside at hotel

The price of the thing rises as the hotel becomes high-level.
The price of meal and the thing of the exclusive hotel is the world commonness.
Even if prices in the country are cheap, it is unrelated.
Will your country be also the same? There is a hotel where it can eat a cheap lunch, and is a hotel of a high-level lunch. There are a lot of hotels where the price of the breakfast is very high also in Bali.

Large-scale shopping mall and Restaurant for tourist

The world is common to such a place.
It is natural that the price is high, facilities for the tourist
Then, can you enjoy it cheaply if going to where? Is it a shop and a market to which Balinese goes?

About meal

It is natural that the shop and the stall of which the person in local commutes are cheap.
However, it worries about the hygienic condition very much.
The shop of which a local person commutes has a lot of cheap, delicious places. However, even if the stomach is broken, it is self-responsibility.
There are a lot of cheap shops also in the shop for the tourist. It is safe if referring to the shop recorded in the guide book.

About shopping

There are a lot of shops that sell a thing cheap for the resort area.
There is no price in the market and the wholesale store. It is possible to buy it cheaply by the price negotiation. The price is decided by tourist's suitable and national origin.
The tourist goes shopping also even in a small market. Therefore, there are a lot of good merchants to do business. There is a thing that the same thing can be bought cheaper in the shop in the town when it was possible to buy it cheaply even if it satisfies it.

First of all, let's know prices of Bali.
A lot of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods are sold when going to the supermarket and the department store. Then, we will recommend the price to see various commodities and to be checked.
Kuta: Matahari Kuta department store
Seminyak: Bintang Seminyak supermarket
Sanur: Hardy's Sanur supermarket
Ubud: Delta Dewata supermarket
Miscellaneous goods and the souvenir are sold to these supermarkets.

And, please ask a price in the shop and the market in the town.
Please know various prices, and acquire prices of Bali in the sense. Then, the price negotiation can be smoothly done.
Please grip the knack of enjoying Bali little by little cheaply.

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