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Bali attention under stay

There are various trouble stories also in Bali.
We will tell the feature of the crime and the trouble.
Please do the great trip safely referring to this feature.

Theft and loss in hotel

The theft loss of the thing that is besides the safety box is self-responsibility, even if it is an exclusive hotel.
Please keep valuables in the safety box at once when you do the check-in.
It reports on the theft trouble also at a middle class hotel. It is a very regrettable story.
Especially, there are a lot of thefts in that day of the homecoming, because it cannot consult the police.
Do not have a large sum of cash basically. The use of the credit card or the traveler's check is safe.
There is a thing that cash is extracted from the purse, too. Therefore, do not leave the purse put on the room.

Burglar and Snatch

in Kuta Do not carry about large sum of cash. The passport copies and carries about the page in the photograph.
Please have the waist pouch and the rucksack, etc. because it doesn't encounter the snatch easily. Please go out in light shape as much as possible.
It might be asked in the town, "At what hotel do you stop?", because it searches how much money is had. Please deceive vaguely or disregard it.


It shows once and there is a thing passed few. It is like the jugglery.
There is a thing that the calculator is remodeled, too. And, the amount of money is calculated few.
Please exchange it at the hotel and the bank in not becoming accustomed.
The shop where rates are higher than surrounding shops must avoid exchange in the town.

Peddler and Tout

There are a lot of peddlers in Kuta beach etc. When the nature is easily permitted, it persistently comes near.
Braid and the nail polish might be done without permission and money be claimed. It is likely to be claimed more than the amount of money on which it negotiates beforehand.
Other people occasionally steal the property while goods are seen and it is negotiating.
It is said, "Guide it to my friend's shop", and it might be enclosed by many people when following and it be made the payment of excessive charges. There is a lot of damage concerning esthetics and the nail polish. Please take care when it is only a woman.


A lot of following kinds are in the swindle. Playing poker swindle. Swindle that takes off questionnaire. Swindle concerning real estate.
Do not get on a light invitation even if it makes friends for a moment.
It is likely to be taken to the shop with the questionnaire and the lot, saying that "There is a present".
There is a thing not good on the back side of the glib talk. Please disregard the other party who invites it.

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