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How to choose resort area

The hotel choice is one of the critical factors for the happy resort.
A lot of hotels in Bali. The area with the hotel has feature and character.

Beach and Wave

Kuta and Legian Beach West side of Bali has big wave area.
The area is Kuta, Regian, Seminyak, Kerobokan, and from Jimbaran to Uluwatu.
Surrounding of airport, Kuta, and Uluwatu have many Surf points.
There are a lot of places that become suddenly deep from the beach.
And there are a lot of shore reef.
It is difficult to swim, because there is a big wave. Therefore, attention is necessary for play on the beach when there is a child.

East side of Bali has gentle ripples by shelving bottom.
The area is Nusa Dua, Benoa, Sanur.
It is possible to walk in the offing far, when the ebb tides. Cannot swim, when the ebb tides.
There is a beach of beautiful, white sand in Nusa Dua and Benoa.
Nusa Dua and Benoa is a fit place in the family who has the child.

Rainy season and squall

Bali have rainy season, because of a tropic climate. Rainy season is from October to March.
There are a lot of people who avoid the rainy season and travel at the dry season.
But rain doesn't continue during a day. It rains several times a day.
Most of rains fall once every several days. Therefore, it is safe even if rain is not worried.
However, it is likely to rain and to continue in Ubud in the mountainous district.
The area from the airport to south rains little. Especially, it is an area Uluwatu in the south from Jimbaran.


Bali is the tropics. But it is likely to get cold in Ubud in the mountainous.
After the rains for a long time of the rainy season, and the morning and evening of the dry season, it is likely to get cold.
Rainy season is from October to March. Dry season is from April to September.
The hotel in the height in the mountain might use the fireplace.
Please prepare the long sleeve and long trousers so that it is cold when you use the hotel in Ubud and the mountainous district.
It is not necessary to prepare the long sleeve and long trousers when it is cold in beach area.
But attention is necessary for the excessive sunburn, because it is strong and hot in sunlight.

Sunset and traffic jam

West side of Bali has beautiful sunset. It can enjoy the sunset.
The area is Kuta, Regian, Seminyak, Tuban, Kerobokan, Jimbaran, and Uluwatu.
Bali is famous as the resort in a beautiful evening sun. Tana Lot and Uluwatu are popular areas too.
Kuta beach, Canggu beach, and Tana Lot are the points of Sunset. Therefore, it is considerable traffic jam, because the tourist gathers a lot.
Traffic gets congested without fail as for Kuta at the Sunset, because Kuta has a lot of hotels and one-way traffic.
Neither Canggu nor Tana lot are maintained about the road. Moreover, there is only one road to go to Canggu and Tana Lot. Therefore, it becomes a traffic jam in the traffic of about the sunset.
When going to this area, let's leave with room.
And you should take the reservation of the restaurant at slow time when supper is taken after the sunset is seen.
Please note the traffic jam at about the sunset when staying at the hotel in this area.
The action with room is important.

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