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Feature of resort area

Indonesia Bali is a resort island in the eminent world. A lot of hotels are scattered in the island. However most hotels are in mountain district (Ubdo) and 20 kilos around the airport. It becomes six areas if it divides roughly.

Kuta, Legian, Tuban

Kuta and Legian Beach This area is north from the Ngurah Rai international airport. Kuta is the maximum town. Because a lot of surfers aimed at a big wave of the Indian Ocean, it is said Kuta developed. A lot of hotels have been built. The hotel kind is large-scale hotel and cheep hotel (Rosmen), etc. Even a thin alley lines with a lot of shops and peddler of the tourist aim. Surfers enjoy surfing in daytime, and it enjoys shopping, the eating and drinking and dancing in the town at night. It is statelessness and a pungent town. The bustle is not broken off until daylight.

Seminyak, Kerobokan

This area is north from Kuta and Legian. It is comparatively new resort area in Bali. It is area for the tourist who requests quietness. The hotel kind is large-scale hotel and popular settled Villa, etc. The number of famous chef's restaurant and antique shop has increasing. It develops into settled resort area. A lot of hotels pursue the luxury and the silence. Therefore, a lot of hotels has commodious premises, a lot of Villas has private pool.

Nusa Dua, Benoa

Indonesia government developed area by the initiation on the 1970's.
A lot of five-star hotels in the eminent world have been built in this area.
There is an entry limitation except person with whom relation and the tourist. Therefore, this area is for only the tourist, because there is no peddler.
The hotel has two or more big pools and restaurants. And the hotel has private beach of white sand, Balinese public entertainments are held every night. Marine activities are active on the private beach. The beginner and the family can enjoy the vacation, even if you do not go out of the big hotels. This area is popular among the beginner and the family.


Jimbaran Beach Jimbaran is calm fishing village. However, it develops as a new resort area recently.
There are the Ritz Carlton hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, and the Four Seasons hotel, etc. Those are the exclusive hotels
There are not so many peddlers of the tourist aim.
The sun set is very beautiful, therefore the tourist gathers in the Ikan Bakar and it is lively. Ikan Bakar is the seafood stall.


Saner is the first resort in Bari. There are a lot of long-established hotels. Therefore Sanur was high-class area a long time.
Afterwards, Nusa Dua was developed as a resort. Tourist has become distant little by little. However, in this place, the tourist who requests the calm has the deep-rooted popularity, because the number of tourist increases in Bali and a lively place increased.
There are a lot of repeat customers by European and Japanese, because the impression such as settled atmosphere and quiet towns is established.


Ubud Ubud is heartland of Balinese public entertainments and Balinese art. Place to which artist all over the world came for a long time.
There are a lot of the fresh green nature, the valley, and the rice field.
Area that looks a little special when seeing from tourist who is foreigner.
The Balinese who lives in Banjarl that is special area hopes for the coexistence of sightseeing and the village. Banjarl is Balinese regional community.
They worry about the damage to the region because of sightseeing. Therefore, the construction of the large-scale hotel and shopping center is refused. Moreover, business hours of the shop are limited.
Therefore, it is loved by a lot of repeat customers that hope for nature and silence.

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