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Let's prepare the Passport.

Passport is the only means to prove me of nationality, name and age in foreign country.
It is necessary to present it in the immigration.
When some events happen, the presentation of the passport is requested.
However, there is a thing noted even with the passport already.
The expiration date of the passport is more necessary than half a year.
The page of the visa is 2 paging in opening wide is necessary.
Please never forget to confirm whether the condition is satisfied.

New integrated circuit chip type Passport.

New passport is integrated circuit chip type. It has been adopted in each country.
New passport is difficult to alter and counterfeits, because your name, birthday, passport number, individual information and your photo of face are installs in the integrated circuit chip.
Therefore the procedure is early in immigration.
But do not give the high impact, it doesn't keep at place of high temperature and place of where magnetism is strong, because integrated circuit chip is Electronic parts.
It is handing attention.

Switch application of passport.

If the expiration date of the passport is less than one year, you can switch application of passport at any time.
The validity term of the passport is necessary for six months or more for entering a country to Indonesian Bali.
It is necessary to check the validity term of the passport because there is similar regulation also in another country.
Let's apply for the switch ahead of time.

When you lose the passport in foreign country.

At first, let's go to the police station. And the loss theft certificate is gotten. And let's go to the embassy or consulate general. The passport is reissued at that place. At that time, please have the loss theft certificate and your photograph.
It is convenience with your photograph at reserve.
And it is necessary your passport number. Therefore we will recommend keep the copy of your passport with page where photograph of face is recorded

Notes of passport.

Please do not put the passport in the case for protection when the immigration.
Please do not put a seal and scribble on the page of Visa. Entering a country might be refused.

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