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National Holiday

National holiday when attention is necessary.

Day when Indonesia decides of national holiday is 3 days.
It is New Year's Day(January 1), independence Day of Indonesia(August 17), and Christmas(December 25).
Another holiday is irregular every year.
Because it is decides by a religious calendar. The religious calendar is Uc calendar, Sakha calendar, and Muslim calendar.
The traveler might occasionally feel it inconvenient.
The thing that holiday checks before the travel is necessary.
Please refer to the following.


The Balinese New Year's Day by sakha calendar. Sakha calendar is decides by the filling lack of the noon.
Day that defends body from evil spirit. Day that meditates. Day that do not do anything. Even the traveler cannot go out of the hotel on "Nyepi". There is an arrested thing too, when going out.
The big hotel is business. But it is necessary to buy food beforehand if you stay the small hotel.
Only 1 day of cannot go out. But a lot of shops close to before and behind "Nyepi"
The event of "Nyepi" is held for two days on beach of various places.
There is a grand event the day before of "Nyepi". The "Ogoogo" runs about the whole town. "Ogoogo" is festival car of "Nyepi".
Please go to "Nyepi" of Bali, if you like festival. It can surely enjoy the festival in Bali.
"Nyepi" is held by May from February every year.
"Nyepi" in 2009 is March 26.

The Ogoogo before of Nyepi

Idul Fitri

Muslim's sawm(puasa) is for 30 days on Ramadan month of Muslim.
"Idul Fitri" called "Revaran". Revaran is a grand festival of the sawm dawning.
"Revaran" in 2009 is September 21 and 22.
Most people in Bali are Hinduism. Therefore, holiday of Islam that will think unrelated.
However, Bali is a resort spot for Indonesian peoples.
A lot of peoples take the holiday and go on trip for two weeks from 10 days according to the grand festival.
Traffic jam is the most inconvenient. Because a lot of people travel with his car from java island. You should reserve an optional tour ahead of time. And you should go out ahead of time if it schedules it.

Galungan / Kuningan

Penjol is decorated long bamboo This is the only Balinese holiday.
"Galungan" is a day when ancestor's soul returns. A lot of people visit a temple with full dress.
"Kuningan" is a day when ancestor's soul is sent off, ten days after "Galungan".
A part of shop takes a rest with government and municipal offices for several days. And Traffic jam. But big restaurant and big shop is open. Therefore, this time need not be avoided.
Festival that uses "penjol" on various places. Penjol is decorated long bamboo.
It is a period when it can enjoy Bali different from always.
Holiday once every 210 days by Uc calendar.
"Galungan" in 2009 is March 18 and October 14.
"Kuningan" in 2009 is March 28 and October 24.

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