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Bali General Information

Introduction to Indonesian Bali.
The formal nomenclature is the Republic of Indonesia. The etymology of Indonesia consists of the word of "Indos" and "Nesos" of Greek, and is a meaning of "islands of east India". Indonesia is the world's largest islands nation.
There are islands of 17,580 including five main islands in Indonesia. 200,345,605 people live in 6,000 islands. This is a population of the fifth place in the world.
(As of June, 2006 From Indonesian embassy HP)
The area of Bali is 5633 square kilo.
Bali is one of islands and the formal nomenclature is Republic of Indonesia Bali state.
The Balinese is 90%. The remainder is Javanese and Chinese descent.

About the religion

The Hindu is 90%. The remainder is Islamite it, a Christian, and a Buddhist, etc.
There is a lot of Islamites when seeing in the entire Indonesia. However, Bali is Hindu's island.


Indonesian Bali Bali is a tropic climate and normal temperatures are 25 degrees or more.
It is a climate of the high temperature and humidity for one year.
There are two kinds of climate in Bali.
The dry season:from April to September.
The rainy season:from October to March.
The dry season is comfortable, because a cloudless blue sky and humidity are low.
It is the best season for the surfer, because a good wave for the surf point.
But, clothes of the long sleeve are necessary, because it might be very cold on the morning and the night of the dry season. It is especially necessary for the person who goes to the inland such as Ubud.
It is not necessary to worry about the rainy season so much because the squall is limited several times a day. Please shelter in the coffee shop and the shop, because rain stops at once.
It is a season when the plant grows thick in blue, and a lot of fruits are eaten delicious.
There are a lot of travelers who aim at this season. The airline ticket is cheap time.


The official language is an Indonesian language. However, the Bali language is originally used in Bali. English is understood in the resort area and Hotel.


The faith of people in Indonesia is thick.
Bali Hinduism is a center in Bali. Do not look at the skin in the presence of others basically.
The tourist has been connived at. However, the visit to a shrine with the tank top, shorts, and the miniskirt is prohibited in temple and festival hall.
And a menstruation woman is forbidden to enter the Hinduism temple
And do neither thing to pat a child's head nor the thing to touch others' heads, because it is said that the wraith will stay in the head. It is said it is impolite even if not meaning any harm.
The handshake is a right hand or both hands, because the left hand is called the hand of the unclean.

About water

Never drink tap water in Bali. Unpurified water strict prohibition. Please buy in the supermarket and the convenience store and drink water.
Drinking waters of two a day can be gotten free of charge almost at the hotel.
Please use the drinking water even by gargle and the tooth polish.
Please note ice when you order the juice. It is dangerous because there is making ice from tap water. It is safe in the hotel and restaurant recorded in guide book. However, ordering recommends it without ice in a cafe and a local restaurant in the town. Or, please confirm ice when you order.

About the rest room

A beautiful flush lavatory increased recently in the hotel and the shop that the traveler often uses.
However, it is current states that a beautiful rest room is few in the sightseeing spot of the temple and ruins.
A lot of Indonesian people washes it by the left hand without using paper. Therefore, the left hand is called the hand of the unclean.
Please carry about without forgetting tissue paper. Please throw it away to a special garbage box after use.

About chip

When the service charge is included in the price, the chip is unnecessary. The bed chip is not especially necessary in Hotel. However, when the redcap carries a pack, let's give about Rp5,000 chip. When you receive comfortable service, it is the good one to show the gratitude with the chip.

Voltage and plug

The voltages of Indonesian Bali are 200V-50Hz
The plug is C type of two round pins.


The postcard and the letter : from Rp5000.
It might take one week or more until reaching the other party. It took two weeks to my postcard.
There is little post. Therefore, please depend on the hotel reception or use "WARTEL".

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