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Bali Travel Information

Bali Travel Information

Bali General Information, Visa and other Travel formalities, How to enjoy in Bali. BURARI BALI inform you about Bali informations.

Bali Basic Information & Bali Travel Information

Welcome to Bali Information BURARI BALI.
Here is Bali General Information, Visa and other Travel formalities, How to enjoy in Bali, etc...
If you go to Bali for the first time, please read by all means.

  • Bali General Information
    About the religion, Language, Manners, About water, the rest room, chip, Voltage and plug, and Mail.
  • National Holiday
    National holiday when attention is necessary. Another holiday is irregular every year. Nyepi, Idul Fitri and Galungan / Kuningan.
  • Passport
    Let's prepare the Passport. New integrated circuit chip type Passport. Switch application of passport. When you lose the passport in foreign country.
  • Resort Area
    Indonesia Bali is a resort island in the eminent world. A lot of hotels are scattered in the island.
  • How to choose resort area
    The hotel choice is one of the critical factors for the happy resort.
  • Bali attention under stay
    There are various trouble stories also in Bali. We will tell the feature of the crime and the trouble.
  • Prices of Bali
    Do not you think, "Prices of Bali are cheap" and "It can enjoy the pocket money few and cheaply"? The repeat customer knows the knack of enjoying Bali cheaply.
  • About Shopping
    It shops by the price negotiation in Bali. However the price is not negotiated on in all shops. There is a shop of the fixed price sales.
  • About the health care
    Traveling abroad is continuousness of environment and the meal that is not accustomed. It comes to become tired and to destroy the physical condition.
  • About Meal
    The fashionable hotel and the tidy restaurant for a tourist are safe. It eats as it is and is safe like the salad, ice, and the fruit, etc.
  • About Currency
    The currency of Indonesia is a rupiah including Bali. The menu of the restaurant omits and is written as "Rp."
  • About Cash, Traveler's check, and Credit card
    It is not possible to play if there is no money though it is a special travel. The United States dollar and Euro can be used in the resort area in Bali.
  • About the limitation of bringing in to the aircraft
    This is a limitation when a liquid thing is brought in as luggage. (The gel and aerosol are contained) It doesn't contain the trust luggage.
  • Arrival at Bali & Indonesia entering a country
    Arrival/departure card and Customs declaration card are distributed in the airplane to Bali. Let's fill it in, by the arrival at Bali. At first, you obtain the arrival visa.
  • Notes, when arriving at Bali
    They are notes from the arrival at Bali to going out of the airport. Receipt of Visa On Arrival - Visa put on the passport - Precaution at the porter - Exchange in air port.
  • Let's take the taxi
    Meter taxis are running in the southern part resort areas such as Kuta, Regian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Benoa, and Sanur.
  • Let's take the charter car
    There is a guide that can speak English, not only the driver in the charter car. It is very recommend transportation for the traveler who is not accustomed to Bali.

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