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The Purist Villas & Spa

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The Purist Villas & Spa

The Purist Villas and Spa is a Ubud small Boutique hotel resort, where each suite of two and three rooms has an indoor and outdoor bathroom with a free standing stone bath and separate shower, Some of them have wooden sundecks hanging over the Ubud lush tropical gardens of bamboo palm trees and other special plants. These decks have an outdoor dining area and comfortable sun loungers from where one can enjoy this little paradise.
Three of the villas have their own private pools with a separate Gazebo (Balinese hut) with mattresses and cushions, A pure bliss.The suites are housed in series of seven unique and private villas fusing five-star luxury and modernity with authentic primitive and traditional elements from several islands of Indonesia. Some of the houses come from other islands such as Java and Timor These huge former huts are at the inside transformed into real designers hideaways, using pebble stone floorings and smooth cement walls, while at the outside it shows all the typical woodcarvings and other features used in some island. Four villas have a more minimal style with Balinese artifacts, white limestone floorings and with some walls made of recycled wood. This Bali Ubud living complex is nothing less than sheer indulgence.

The Purist Villas & Spa
Jl. Tirta Tawar, Banjar Kutuh Kaja, Ubud
Telephone:+62-361-974454 Fax:+62-361-970949

Room TypePublished Rates
Jungle VillaUS$ 290 ++
Timor VillaUS$ 290 ++
River 2 VillaUS$ 290 ++
River 1 VillaUS$ 320 ++
Garden VillaUS$ 385 ++
Bamboo VillaUS$ 385 ++
Hill VillaUS$ 390 ++
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