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Amandari (which means 'peaceful spirits') opened in 1989. It is located five minutes from the art community of Ubud, in Central Bali. The village of Kedewatan lies adjacent to the resort. Designed as a Balinese village, Amandari has river-stone walkways and high paras-stone walls. The open-air lobby was designed after a wantilan, a village meeting place. The pathway that runs through Amandari and down the valley to the river below is sacred land. Every six months for hundreds of years, Balinese have taken the path down to a pool of holy water. Just above this spring-fed pool sit three modest shrines and an ancient tiger carved into rock.

Balinese-style stone gateways front Amandari's 30 walled, thatched-roof suites, each with a private garden courtyard. Next to the resort, there is one premium Villa as well.

Village Suites
Village suites feature either a large combined bedroom and living room or a ground floor living room with a separate queen-sized bedroom on a mezzanine level. Each suite offers twin vanities and dressing areas with separate shower and toilet rooms all with Javanese marble flooring, a bar, music system and an outdoor sunken marble bath.

Valley Suites
These are identical to Village Suites but offer views of the Ayung Valley or surrounding paddy fields.

Pool Suites
These are Valley Suites that feature their own private pool with views overlooking the Ayung Valley or paddy fields.

Kedewatan, Ubud
Telephone:+62-361-975333 Fax:+62-361-975335

Room TypePublished Rates
Village SuiteUS$ 950 ++
Valley SuiteUS$ 1,150 ++
Pool SuiteUS$ 1,400 ++
Ayung Suite / Asmara SuiteUS$ 1,900 ++
Amandari Suite (1 bed)US$ 2,250 ++
Amandari Suite (2 bed)US$ 3,200 ++
Amandari Suite (3 bed)US$ 4,100 ++
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