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The Villas

The Villas THE VILLAS BALI HOTEL & SPA began as the vision of artist Jim Elliott. He built the first villa for himself, incorporating traditional Balinese architecture with modern, western conveniences to suit his own creative needs. Soon friends, impressed with the simple elegance and lasting comfort, pressed him to build villas for them, following his original formula. A private villa that is a world within a world. Four walls containing lush gardens, individual thatched roofed bungalows, all featuring the latest audio visual equipment and centred around a deep water swimming pool. Every ingredient for a perfect life.
Then a very interesting thing happened; since many of the villas were built as vacation homes, it made perfect sense to start renting them out. In the beginning it was exclusively to other friends. Word spread. Suddenly, everybody wanted to rent our villas. From that grew the demand for a unique style of hotel management. As a business, The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa was born.

1 bedroom Villa
Each Villa is 200 sq. metres in size and has a large filtered swimming pool, sunbathing area, manicured gardens and fully equipped kitchen with adjoining dining area. The bedroom has air conditioning, a large en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, IDD phone & walk-in wardrobe.

2 bedroom Villa
TWO BEDROOM VILLAS are 400 sq. metres in size. Both bedrooms are identical and open on to a large swimming pool, sunbathing area and tropical manicured gardens. Each bedroom includes air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, IDD phone & walk-in wardrobe. Two bedroom Villas also have fully equipped kitchens with separate dining and lounge areas.

3 bedroom Villa
THREE BEDROOM VILLAS are 600 sq. metres in size. 2 of the 3 bedrooms are identical, while the 3rd is a separate 'round villa' located across the garden away from the other two bedrooms. All 3 bedrooms open on to a large filtered pool, sunbathing area & tropical manicured gardens. Each bedroom has air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, IDD phone and walk-in wardrobe. All three bedroom Villas have fully equipped kitchens with separate dining & lounge areas.

The Villas
Jl. Kunti 118x, Seminyak
Telephone:+62-361-730840 Fax:+62-361-733751

Room TypePublished Rates
1 Bedroom VillaUS$ 270 ++
2 Bedroom VillaUS$ 360 ++
3 Bedroom VillaUS$ 470 ++
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