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10 Mar. 2009
Questioner : Ms. Komaki

I stay on Nyepi Holiday. Please ask to the hotel about business hours of a restaurant and the spa?

Warmest greetings from Legian Village Hotel...
On Thursday, March 26th 2009 Balinese is celebrating "Hari Nyepi" holiday.
"Nyepi" ( Silent Day ) is a Balinese Hindu's New Year celebration, it is the marking of the 1st day of the 1931 Balinese Saka Calendar. This celebration is conducted in absolute silence and meditation. Nyepi starts at sunrise on March 26th until the following morning.
There are four prohibitions called "Catur Brata Penyepian" during Nyepi Day :
Amati Geni : NO lighting of any fire , either for cooking or house lighting
Amati Lelungan : NO travel is permitted. All people have to stay at house compound
Amati Lelanguan : NO kind of amusement and entertainment are allowed .
Amati Karya : NO kind of works allowed to be done during the day.

Spiritually " Hari Nyepi" is the occasion to practice "Mulat Sarire" which means to re-think within one's inner self and meditate in order to be able to unite one's thoughts with God for the commencing year.
The night prior the Nyepi Day people will make as much as noisy parading around their compound to chase away the evil spirit of the previous year, so the New Year on the following day will begin clean and fresh. On the night prior Nyepi Day young people will carry the handmade monster called "Ogoh-Ogoh" along the street symbolized the evil spirit and they will be burned on the beach at the end.
During the Nyepi day we request all guests to stay quietly within the hotel compound, we also request all guests to refrain from using much lighting in the room. Usage of bed lamps only is advised.

All meals will be provided in our "JONI" restaurant during the Nyepi Day so please follow the meal schedule as bellows:
Breakfast : From 07 am - 10 am
Lunch ( Ala Carte ) : From 12 Noon - 14 pm
Dinner ( Buffet ) : 4 pm - 6 pm

Please pay much attention on the Dinner schedule as the request of any meal after 6 pm will not be served since the Restaurant will be closed already. We strongly suggest you to order some meals before 6 pm to be eaten later in room as the Restaurant will be closed after 6 pm. You can visit Supermarket to buy some food and drink the day prior "Nyepi" ( March 25th) as on the "NYEPI" day all shops/supermarkets will be closed.

Thank you very much for your great attention and understanding.
We do hope you enjoy staying with us on the tranquility of our "Nyepi" Day.

Legian Village Hotel
Jl.Padma Legian Kuta 80361
Telephone : +62-361-762780 Fax:+62-361-752455

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