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Semara Luxury Villa Resort Uluwatu

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Semara Luxury Villa Resort Uluwatu

Uluwatu, Bali. A mythological cliff, as a preface to the sea. On top of it, a few villas spread as a rich sheet on an unmade bed, cubes of luxurious calm scattered around as if some funny old Balinese God had thrown them to chance like dices, into the majestic landscape. Actually, no: a clever group of friends built them. They went to Bali, saw a lagoon, one of the very few on the Island, and said “building villas up on this cliff wouldn't be such a bad idea”. And why not also move an inclinator down to the beach where a few people could swim in the beautiful sea. Then go have a drink at Finn's Beach Club, the restaurant built on this private beach of civilization, and stare at the young light of the calm oceanic morning, thinking, maybe, as someone stated it “the world is not enough, but it's such a perfect place to start”. Or nothing at all, anything at all.

Semara Luxury Villa Resort Uluwatu
Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan
Telephone : +62-361-8482111 Fax:+62-361-8482308

Room TypePublished Rates
Garden Terrace SuiteUS$ 1,188++
Private Plunge Pool SuiteUS$ 1,320++
Terrace Ocean View SuiteUS$ 1,452++
Deluxe Ocean View SuiteUS$ 1,716++
Two Bedroom VillaUS$ 2,505++
Three Bedroom VillaUS$ 2,605++
Four Bedroom VillaUS$ 2,705++
Five Bedroom VillaUS$ 2,805++
Ten Bedroom VillaUS$ 5,330++
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