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Waka Gangga

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Waka Gangga The ten lanais of Waka Gangga sit on the gently sloping rice terraces which fringe a sparkling black sand beach on the edge of the Indian Ocean.
The natural rejuvenating energies of the surf, and invigorating sea air, make Waka Gangga a sanctum for those seeking a complete, "get-away-from-it-all" holiday. Restful quiet, superb food, and total comfort.
Local stables provide horses for an invigorating ride on the seemingly endless surf beach and famous Tanah Lot temple (one of Bali's most sacred places) is seen in the distance. Waka style and comfort in a truly mystic setting.

Swimming pool and restaurant - both beach fronts, massage center and open traditional Spa.
We strongly recommended that you do not swim in the sea. It is extremely dangerous. It is safe to walk along the water edge, even wade into the surf. But do not go into the water deeper then your waist. Strong riptides dig deep holes and there are bad currents and undertows that you cannot see. Some days it is rough, other days it is calm but it is always the ocean, unforgiving deceptive and can always be dangerous.

Waka Gangga
Jl. Pantai Yeh Gangga, Desa Sudimara, Tabanan
Telephone:+62-361-416257 Fax:+62-361-416353

Room TypePublished Rates
LanaisUS$ 190 ++
Gangga Villa with private poolUS$ 389 ++
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* Rates are subject to 10% of service charge and 11% government tax
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