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Bali island diary of always active Ms.Made which grew up in birth Sanur. She introduces an event and news of Bali by blog.

Made's Bali island blog

Always active Ms.Made which grew up in birth Sanur. She informs an event and news of Bali by blog. She can speak Indonesian and English and also Japanese.
What kind of blog she sends is a pleasure.

TREO Seaside Cafe - Sanur

It is the introduction of the local cafe called TREO in Sanur.
An owner and girls working in this cafe is my friend.

TREO Seaside Cafe - Sanur

There is this cafe along a slightly south beach from Hyatt Hotel in Sanur.
The owner is Chinese Indonesian young man. And owns the cafe in the south of Mercure Hotel with one more. The name of the cafe "TREO Beach Cafe".
This TREO Seaside Cafe is a cafe of the second cafe for him. He plans the third cafe now.

TREO Seaside Cafe - Sanur

When my Japanese and a Dutch friend came to Bali, I inform to my friend this "TREO Seaside Cafe" or " Beach Cafe".
Because it is a local cafe, beer and the juice are cheap and are delicious.
It is good to have a light meal while watching the sea.

TREO Seaside Cafe - Sanur

If you Stay at Hyatt or Parigata Hotel, you can walked here.
Please come in Sanur beach which I love by all means.

JL. Duyung Sanur
12:00am - 20:00pm

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