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Bali island diary of always active Ms.Made which grew up in birth Sanur. She introduces an event and news of Bali by blog.

Made's Bali island blog

Always active Ms.Made which grew up in birth Sanur. She informs an event and news of Bali by blog. She can speak Indonesian and English and also Japanese.
What kind of blog she sends is a pleasure.


Hai.... My name is "Ni Made".
( It express a woman when accompanied "Ni" before a name in Bali. A man is "I". )
I born and grow up in 'Sanur' , I'm 6th child of seven familys
I live in sanur with my parents and my brothers.

All my friends call me "made " in Bali we have four traditional "Names".
First child is : Wayan, Gede, or Putu
Secound child is : Made, Kadek, or Nengah
Tird child is : Nyoman, Komang, or Koming
Fourth child is: ketut
It like in my family have more than four child. 5th child is "wayan" again, 6th child is "Made" again and so on.

My hobby is "fishing". My father is a fisherman when I was child he often took me to the beach for net fishing.
And my favorite place is my own home town "Sanur". I like Sanur most than other place in Bali because Sanur is quiet and relaxing place with white sand and coral reef where we can do a lots of beach activity like snorkeling, fishing, sailing, swimming and lots more.
Sanur is the first tourist destination in Bali with the first highest hotel build is THE GRAND BALI BEACH HOTEL which build at 1965. And now change name be coming INNA GRAND BEACH HOTEL.

My favorite food is "NASI CAMPUR" and "BABI GULING". In Bali we eat a lots of rice every time and every day is rice.
Nasi Campur is white rice with meat or fish and vegetables serve in one plate. You can get Nasi campur at local Warung or Indonesian restourants. And BABI GULING is suckling pig, before when I was child we only can eat BABI GULING when an ceremony days, but now we can buy it every day at BABI GULING Warung.

When you visit Bali you have to try this food uh.... mak nyus.........!! oishii... yo!!
This all about me! When you guys come to Bali and visit Sanur see you in Sanur Ok!!

this is favorite Sanur beach
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